Covid19 Protocol

From the office of the President


Central International College (CIC) recently released its plans for reopening its campus to accommodate its faculty, staff and students.  These plans for the first semester will govern all classes, meals, dormitory, and all other campus activities that are being planned to end before the Thanksgiving break.

In this letter to the press and all campus personnel. President Willard bailey indicates that the adjustments needed to protect all campus personal are extremely important, but simple to accomplish, if everyone involved are willing to discipline themselves to the scientific recommendations that are constantly being given to the public and to all colleges in the State of Virginia. 

The following steps that have been recommended and are expected to be adhered to by all persons are as follows:

  1. To have our campus nurse take the temperature of everyone who comes on to the campus.

  2. To have everyone who is sick or feels sick or is experiencing any of the symptoms of Corona- virus be tested by competent medical personnel.

  3. To enforce diligently social distancing six or more feet in all campus environments.

  4. To enforce the rule that everyone should wear a mask or adequate face covering whenever in the presence of other people.

  5.  Frequent washing of hands has always been important; but today, in the presence of the Coronavirus, it is more significant than ever before in our lifetime.  If hand washing is not possible, we are asking everyone to use an adequate hand sanitizer.

  6. We also ask men and women to carry a small container of hand sanitizer with them at all times.


Central International College is fortunate to have as its CEO and the overseer of the school’s response to the Coronavirus, Dr. Willard Bailey.  President Bailey has held a tenured position at three state universities.  He is considered a true professional in his chosen life’s work of “teaching” health.  Dr. Bailey has appointed a campus committee to solidify a fool-proof strategy to deal with the Coronavirus.  The committee consists of the following campus positions:  Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Custodian Services, Director of Campus Security, Director of Food Services, and the Campus Nurse.


This committee has decided to prepare for Coronavirus problems by completely following the recommendations that have been established by the CDC, the State Health Department and the frequently televised news reports coming out of the Office of Governor Ralph Northam.  CIC will break its overall Coronavirus program into four areas: 


  1. Healthful environment.  The blueprint for this area should be interpreted as follows – This is to include all areas on campus being prepared in advance of receiving students and other personnel.  Special interest will be placed on social distancing (of six feet or more).  Also, all spaces that are to be used are to be clean and properly sanitized.


  1. School Health Services.  Every staff person should be poised to prepare to receive students and prepare their areas to provide for student needs.  The nurse, as well as the dining room personnel, faculty and staff will pre-plan so that all areas are covered.  When two or more departments are needed to accommodate student needs, all personnel must realize that those needs must be met while observing campus rules and possibly the adjustments that might be needed in a Coronavirus environment.


  1. Health Education. It is to be observed and taught in the classroom as well as in any out-of-classroom environment, whenever we find it necessary to create a time to teach.  Setting the tone for students to be especially mindful of everything that is being made available through the press, the Governor’s office, and the CDC are to be extremely serious and internalized.  When students have received the quality education dealing with the Coronavirus, they are expected to remind one another of their health knowledge importance, particularly while dealing with the Corona- virus.  While dealing with their parents, relatives and friends off campus, they are expected to be constant educators for those groups.


  1. Having Everyone on Campus Serve as Role Models for One Another.  All campus personnel are expected to conduct themselves in the proper anti-Coronavirus fashion.  In other words, this is the perfect time to observe the long-standing principle of:   DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU; thereby protecting them and expecting them to protect you.


In closing, we will always put each student’s health, needs and interests first.  With this in mind, if a student did contact the Coronavirus during the time he or she is receiving classroom instruction, he or she will follow the procedures recommended by the CDC and will be assisted in completing his or her course work through electronic education and/or correspondence course work. 


We do not know how long this pandemic will be a major threat to Virginia and the nation, but so far our Commonwealth of Virginia seems to be working extremely well without experiencing the maladies being experienced in other states.  Central International College is poised to adapt to any new strategies that might be deemed necessary to adjust properly as conditions may very well change at any time.  We will be diligent in our efforts to keep Virginia as healthy as possible throughout this endeavor; even if it means instructing our students by the ZOOM class experience.