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CIC Founder

and President

Mr. Willard Bailey, Founder and President of Central International College in Virginia, is by many to be a father figure as well a role model in the area of building relationships and programs. In his former positions of athletic director, head football coach, and associate professor of education, he exemplifies what I and many others consider a perfect blend of achievements in all of these areas.


Coach Bailey's career has been studied and continues to amaze people with all of his accomplishments over a period of four decades. These achievements also carry with them a unique quality when we considered that they were made while working for colleges and universities with limited resources and facilities. In his pursuit of developing young people into mature adults, he has been particularly successful in his efforts to work with young men. Coach Bailey's contributions to athletics, academics and his community should be highlighted so that more people will become aware of his accomplishments...



Our faculty and staff are invested in each and every student as individuals. We encourage them, support them and help them prepare for their live journey. 
Our goal is for no one to fall through the cracks.

Help Us Support Student's Education

By making a non-profit donation to CIC, you become a partner with us is support of student's seeking higher education. Your generous gift can enable a young man or woman from an under-served community or low-income family to fulfill their dream of earning a college degree and realizing their dream. Won't you help today? Just click on the button below to view sponsorship packages and choose your desired level of giving. All donations are tax deductible.

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~ CIC Value Statements ~

Value One: Central International College (CIC) is a member of the Association for Independent Colleges and Seminaries (AICCS) and has been authorized by the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV) to prepare post-secondary education students in the areas of Religious Education and Biblical Studies. We are authorized to award an Associates degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor's degree in Religious Education. Our goal is to prepare some of the best graduates in the history of the country in these areas.


Value Two:  While our students are seeking a degree in Religious Education and Biblical Studies our faculty and staff will encourage them, we will also support them with their on-line courses through advisement and counseling with the hope that all of our students will have a chance to acquire a second degree while completing our requirements for the degrees that Central International College will offer in Religious Education and Biblical Studies.


Value Three: The college has made the decision to equip all of our students with the knowledge it takes for them to protect themselves from hurt, harm and danger. As we have researched those areas that are proving to be the leading causes of death of college-aged students, we have decided to make this challenge one of our most important non-traditional approaches to adding immensely to a quality education. The maladies that we have found to be most traumatic are as follows: accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide and lack of youth fitness. In each of these areas, we plan to bring together the best unique student to become an ambassador in the aforementioned areas. Part of our strategy also will be to totally involve the thinking and concerns of the young people in our middle schools high schools and colleges. This strategy is necessary because we feel that if we are to be as successful as we are planning to be, it is absolutely essential that we involve the minds of our young people.


Central International College has seminars, workshops, and conferences that will assist us in our efforts to make a major contribution, in not only the lives of our students, but also in the lives of their families and their children yet unborn. We realize that the above strategy is one that the average college does not entertain and for us to be successful in this endeavor, we will need the moral and financial support of our most cherished citizens, entrepreneurs, philanthropist, and God-driven members of our society. Our accepting this mission and carrying it out in the correct way will make the college a very special one.


Value Four: We will make every attempt to create for our students opportunity to allow them to begin or continue to develop in other areas in accordance with their needs, skills, and interests. When students report and show interests n areas such as public speaking, debating, praise dancing, playing a musical instrument, ballet, nature study etc., our staff will be poised to help the students in any way possible. On the other hand, some of our students might be interested in spectator sports, fantasy sports, or engaging in sports. We simply want to be there to give them all the assistance they need on and off our campus so that they can enjoy the highest level of achievement that they are capable of obtaining in all areas in which they have demonstrated an interest.


Value Five: We have put into place the development of a top-notch faculty and staff, an administration that is totally committed to our students and an outstanding board of trustees that is watching every level of our growth and development and making recommendations for the total college and its effect on the development of the total student. Also, we have engaged the resources of an advisory board as well as the municipal organization of SCORE. Finally, we are constantly receiving advice and guidance from other small and successful Religious colleges that are serving as great role models and great sources of support.


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